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The KN95 mask manufacturing plant covers an area of 3000 square meters

SHINEYA Factory have nine production lines of kn95 masks with a daily output of 500000

SHINEYA provide quality OEM services according to customer requirements.

SHINEYA have excellent team provides the best service

About us

ZhangJiaGang ShineYa Sanitary Products Co.,LTD  is located in Suzhou, China.

The company is a newly emerging modern enterprise in the field of sanitary products integrating R & D, production and sales. Brand with " SHINE YA" .

The company has invested 15 high-speed modern mask production equipment,

With 100,000 level clean GMP dust free workshop, high speed production line 1000pcs/min.  Daily output disposable mask 1million,  KN95 1million.

ZhangJiaGang ShineYa Sanitary Products Co.,LTD  can offer OEM service for Client.

All PPE mask pass Europe Nando CE , from BSI group which is professional on PPE test.

and aslo pass on FDA listed, Shineya mask also have warehouse in Shenzhen and USA. For easy to ship and get for client.

ShineYa PPE mask are exported to Europe and The United States, all over the world, and support countries around the world to flight against the epidemic.

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